Kroger Fried Chicken.

The staff was funny at the Deli counter, even the guy who came out by the bottle machines when I was there was trying to cheer everyone up. Even the cashier was nice, but failed to tell me I got the wrong product for the coupon. Which he confused me. I got home figured it out, went back and the customer service person was annoyed with me for waiting time and gas to come back for more coke and my 50 cents back. Then she tried to send me off without my 50 cents, I turned right back and she gave it to me.

The chicken was really good. I even put Franks Hot Sauce on some of it. The Kettle Chips with BBQ flavor were very good, Kroger brand of course and the coke, well it is in the fridge getting chilled as it was the item I had to take back. I think I may try BBQ or the other option next time as  I would rather buy chicken from Kroger than KFC any day. And the same Kroger store due to the funny employees as long as my coupons get rang up and I don”t go to customer service counter there again.

Free products were provided to me, however I am free to express my own opinion.

Why Justin Bieber Shouldn’t Have a Monkey

Marc Silver
National Geographic News
Published April 2, 2013

On his recent travels in Europe, Justin Bieber ran into some problems in Germany. He had not obtained proper papers to bring his pet capuchin monkey into the country, so the monkey was put into quarantine.

That made us wonder: Do capuchin monkeys make good pets? We asked Debbie Leahy, manager of captive wildlife protection for the Humane Society of the United States.

Don’t be scammed by fake Xbox 720 beta offers

I don’t mean to sound paranoid, but…it seems potential danger lurks everywhere on the Internet and your inbox — as criminals seek to infiltrate your computer or raid your bank account. That old saying that everyone is out to get you is basically true these days. Well, not everyone, but a surprisingly large number of people truly are out to get you.

Private Selection Review

Sometimes store brands do not cut it in taste. But if you are interested in trying a product that tastes a step up from the normal store brand, but do not want to pay the brand name price, then try Kroger’s Private Selection. Yes, it is Kroger’s name. I was delighted how the tomato sauce tasted and is all natural. I can say every one of the few ingredients in it. The Greek Yogurt was great too. At first I thought it was odd the fruit was separated, but now I know why, it allows for the fruit taste to be better. The only down side was the yogurt selection was tiny and the sell by date was several days past. I used a coupon to try it as yogurt can go a week past that date at least. It should have been marked managers special, but since I am a BzzAgent and the other stuff was provided for me for free, I went and got it. Otherwise I would have left the yogurt on the shelf. BzzAgent allows me to express my own views good or bad.

Gold Toe Review

Want to experience comfort and long lasting underwear and socks? Look no further… The dress socks sent to me I thought would have not been comfortable being thin for dress shoes. I was wrong. I do own normal white socks I bought years ago, they are still comfortable and last. My no brand ones I bought around the same time are still ok in comfort and a few are ready to be donated for enrichment at my work. I will stick with Gold Toe socks.

Free products provided. Reviewer used his own words.

Wind Turbines and Bird Fatalities | Suite101


We need to support renewable forms of energy like power generated by wind turbines, but can birds and wind power exist together? The evidence suggests they can.

Wind Turbines and Bird Fatalities | Suite101

UNREAL candy that tastes so real!

If you ever wonder why brownies taste so sweet and then you go to your local bakery and the sweetness tastes just sweet enough. You compliment them on it and they tell you the reason is that they use sugar and no High-Frucous Corn Syrup. So you can be amazed at trying this candy that it tastes just right in sweetness and I am not putting even more junk in my body that is unnecessary. I highly suggest giving it a try today. CVS has them super cheap this week and on top of it, they are buy one get one free.

I am a BzzAgent and was compensated with a free candy bar of my liking at a participating retailer via a coupon.

How Much Energy a Smartphone Uses in a Year (And What it Means for Your Budget)


The highly anticipated iPhone 5 is finally in millions of people’s hands. Within three days of its launch, Apple had sold a record-breaking five million units. And within a year, analysts project that sales of the iPhone 5 will reach 170 million. The popularity of the new device got the team at Outlier thinking: how much juice does it take each year to charge a next-generation smartphone? And how does the energy consumption of smartphones compare to that of other consumer electronics?

How Much Energy a Smartphone Uses in a Year (And What it Means for Your Budget)

How To Be a Genius: This Is Apple’s Secret Employee Training Manual


We recently showed you just how badly some of Apple’s retail elite behave when no one’s watching, but surely they were taught better, right? You bet they were: Apple tells its new recruits exactly what what to think and say. How do we know? We read Apple’s secret Genius Training Manual from cover to cover.

How To Be a Genius: This Is Apple’s Secret Employee Training Manual

Bats in the bleachers? Experts hope bats will be part of Olympic Park after the games


LONDON — Bats in the bleachers of Olympic Stadium? Now there’s an Olympic legacy to give many people nightmares.

But not Kim Olliver. Faced with the prospect of having bats take up residence in the girders of Olympic stadium, Olliver, the senior ecologist for the London Olympics, could barely contain her joy.

Bats in the bleachers? Experts hope bats will be part of Olympic Park after the games